If you could save money and our environment…would you?

I love working  with people who answer “YES!”  

Every day I get to help save people money for their dreams–and help save our environment for our children.

Last year, I saved businesses, non-profits and governments over a million dollars with utility incentives for energy saving renovations which will save them over 10 million dollars. 

This year, I have even more ways for my clients to save money and lower pollution. 

      • Energy savings incentives from utilities.
      • Maryland Community Solar Program
      • Energy efficiency projects
      • Energy bill over payment review
      • Demand charge reduction
      • Solar installation
      • Federal tax credits and equipment deductions
      • Energy savings treasure hunt

Let’s find out how much money you can save.  

Call me for a free energy savings treasure hunt.

Shan Gordon    410-336-8239  shan@mdenergysavers.com