Building Tune-Ups

Building Tune-Ups:  Paid by Your Utility– but the savings go to you.

Our Building Tune-Ups create annual energy savings ranging from 5 -20 percent.
Costs are covered by energy efficiency incentives from Pepco (MD), Delmarva (MD), SMECO and Potomac Edison.

BGE pays most, but not all costs.  

They pay us to tune up your buildings–and you save energy, money, and our environment.

Typical Tune-Ups include:

• HVAC tune-up, coil cleaning, and scheduling
• Enhanced HVAC Maintenance
• Commercial Refrigeration Optimization
• Control System Calibration
• Sequence of Operation Modifications
• ASHRAE LEVEL I & II Energy Audit by Licensed Engineers
• Identify Energy Savings and ROI Inventory of Major Mechanical Equipment
• Implement Energy Conservation Measures Measurement & Verify Energy Savings
• Energy Star Portfolio Manager Rating and Reporting, by request
• Optimization of Unoccupied Hours
• Balancing Air & Water Systems
• Calibration of HVAC & EMS
• Verification of Ventilation
• Optimize Lighting Controls

We handle the paperwork with the utilities and verify your energy savings for you.

It’s like hiring a team of building engineers to lower your energy costs and sending the bill for their services to your utility.


What to Expect With Our Building Tune-Up

We expect to finish the Building Tune-Up 2-4 months after you sign the initial agreement.

Here is an outline of the process:

Step 1:
Initial virtual or in-person meeting to discuss your building, the scope of the project, gather energy usage information (utility bills) and get your approval to identify and implement energy savings measures.

Step 2:
In person energy audit (typically 4 hours)

Step 3:
Virtual or in-person meeting to get your approval to implement the energy savings measures.

Step 4:
We implement the energy savings measures you approved.

Step 5:
We verify the energy savings and you save on energy and maintenance costs for years to come.


Funded by utility efficiency incentives, Our Building Tune-Up can save you thousands of dollars and clean our environment.


To learn more and to schedule a professional Building Tune-Up,   call Shan Gordon at 410-336-8239  or email at